Intelligent Crafter of BTW

Founder & CEO

Karthick Dorai K


UI/UX Creators

An art of carving excellent creation with extra-ordinary creative thought to produce a perfect match for an appealing view. Our well crafted designers are ready to provide an elegant application which gives a breath taking view. They are rich enough to procure each and every part of the development. Graphic Design | Web Design | Logo Design | Mobile App Design | Email Signature | Brochure Design | Banner Design

Web Dev Processors

These processors are well trained to form a fantastic strategy to deliver an exciting web application development with fundamentals and needs. Our web development team are diversified in all platforms to fine-tune the application development with proper inputs.

web development
Mobile Development

Mobile Dev Innovators

To move on with a handy user-friendly solution for the digital world, our innovators are routed in all platforms to innovate a complete mobility waves. Crafted in iOS, Android and Hybrid technology.

IOT Inventors

A Communication bridge to get connected between machines and devices are now made more crispy by our embedded players designed to push smart solutions.


Formulation Unit

Team derived to frame solution and gather requirements for a clear sketch on the development progress. Tremendously pointed to gather inputs and hint the output with superior match.

QA & Testing Partners

Quality analyst placed to test the projects before deployment making sure of everything functions perfect. Great team to take care of the performance loaded with proper features and functions.

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